mom and dad text

Our Story

Our team here at WayWiser has been working hard on a product that helps us manage the care and safety of our parents as they age.

After really digging in, we began to realize just how much is involved in the care of an aging parent. We also saw how unique each family’s situation could be.

However, we also discovered a unifying factor that can help all older adults. That universal necessity is keeping them from feeling lonely or isolated.

That isn’t just out of kindness or empathy. There have been numerous studies over the past few years that link isolation and loneliness with cognitive decline and other serious health conditions.

Here’s one article about it from the CDC. And here’s one from Forbes.

So, while we continue to work full throttle on our larger solution, we wanted to do what we could to connect people with their parents, helping them remain healthy and happy as they age.

Why text mom?

The theory of Occam’s razor states that the simplest solution is almost always the best.

Our parents begin to feel lonely from the minute that we leave home, and as we get older and move further into our own lives, it only gets worse.

Nothing beats a Sunday night around the dinner table, but the power of a text message is a lot easier to manage for most of us.

Sending a quick “Hello” or a slightly longer “Did you see the last episode of Jeopardy?” won’t just spark joy for your mom or dad, but it will help them feel connected to you. 

A quick text message can help your parents feel happy and more so, it can fire the synapses that will keep them healthy.

Our Mission

Keep our parents happy, healthy, and part of our lives for as long as we can.